Mittwoch, Dezember 28, 2005


Well, I guess the question on everybodys lips is : "Are fences meant to keep people out or are they meant to keep people in?"

You have the normal garden fence, which acts as what I would call a "boundary marker", followed by your more sophisticated security fence, more commonly known as the "guard dog replacement fixture". And finally, you have the giant razor-sharp, barbed-wire, "don't come near me" electrical fences, commonly used to surround the worlds prisons and other top level institutions.

Really though, I believe a fence, no matter what kind, to be a friendly gesture or maybe a symbol to others that life has many challenges - and getting over or through a fence is just one of them...

(aus Panda's Box)

Irgendwie recht weise, oder? Ich werde mir das für's neue Jahr einbläuen... Vielleicht hilft's

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